3 ways to market your rug cleaning business

Marketers oftentimes make for good business owner for one simple reason: marketing is what much of the day-to-day of owning a business is all about. If you can’t market your business properly, prepare to be swallowed up by the competition as similar businesses in the area will take every bit of work from you that they can.

Don’t worry, though – these days, there are more ways to effectively market a business than ever. Here are 3 examples – take your pick or apply all 3, but be sure to continue experimenting and looking for new and more creative ways.

Market Your Rug Cleaning Business

#1 Online marketing: Internet is, without a doubt, the biggest game-changer in marketing in recent years. While the marketing methods of old still do a good job of clinging to relevance, nearly every marketing effort of present day focuses on online advertising and reaching customers through the world wide web. If you’re looking for a place to start marketing, the internet is definitely a good choice and there’s no shortage of ways to do it: Google ads, Facebook ads, Yelp ads, YouTube, newsletters… These are just some methods that can propel your business to new heights when done right or, alternatively, end up not doing much other than costing you a pretty penny. Online advertising starts out pretty cheap and can reach some costly heights depending on the amount of competition in your area, so make sure to plan your budget before starting a campaign.

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#2 Mailers: Mailbox advertising always gave a mixed bag of results, and things are no different now. It’s a fairly hit-or-miss method (or, more precisely, hit-and-miss) – one person could abhor ads in his mailbox while the neighbor-next-door could love them for their convenience. When using mailers to market your business, you’ll have to bite the bullet and deal with the fact that some people won’t like you using their mailbox to sell your brand. To sway public opinion in your favor, consider adding some perks to your mail ads instead of just showing off what you’re selling – coupons, for example, are a tried-and-true way of getting people to appreciate mail ads.

#3 Magazines: If you’ve ever read magazines, you know that they can be littered with ads to varying degrees. You might have found these ads funny or insightful, or you might have hated them for the extra page-turning hassle they put you through – the difference likely comes down to how creative and thought-out the advertising campaign was. Let’s get one thing out of the way: print isn’t nearly as popular as it once was, and magazine advertising is a far cry from guaranteed results. This is definitely an issue considering the fee that some mags ask for in order to show your ads, but it’s also an issue you might have to learn to work around if you’re looking to reach as wide of an audience as possible. If you’re using magazine advertising, give special thought to the demographic reading the magazine in question and how attractive your product might be to them.