Digital business, will Uber put limo rentals out of business?

In with the new and out with the old – isn’t that what they say? Well, Uber is one example of new technology that’s quickly looking to make old ways obsolete (and the lives of those who adhere to them more difficult).

Sure enough, Uber is a plenty convenient – not to say revolutionary – way of getting a cab or a similar type of transportation. But is it really a good idea to have it replace standard cabbies and limo companies, and will it do so any time soon?

Why Uber is hard to fight

Hearing about Uber for the first time must leave everyone thinking it sounds great (except cabbies, that is) – an app that needs only an internet connection to basically eliminate the hassle of getting transportation. You fire up your smartphone, check for the nearest taxi and call upon it – you can even watch it on the map as it makes its way to you.

Yet there are a few reasons why people might want to reconsider using Uber despite its convenience. For one, it forces taxi drivers to work under a governing body that takes a cut of their profits for doing essentially nothing – that can’t be nice to think about if you’re a driver.

And while it eliminates the occurrence of scamming on both the driver’s and customer’s parts, it also severely limits the options of taxi drivers running their own transportation business. Yet there is one type of transportation service that can fight Uber with a bit of effort: limo companies.

How limo companies can fight the power

Limo companies offer a different type of service than most other similar businesses and therefore stand a good chance of fighting Uber even as the app grows more and more popular by the minute. One of my clients, San Antonio Top Limo, isn’t taking the Uber fight lightly. I worked on their website to make it more accessible online. Here’s a shot of the website:

san antonio top limo

If owners of limo companies stay vigilant, the app isn’t going to drive them out of business no matter how popular it gets. Why? Simple: limo companies can always aim to offer a more exclusive service than any similar company available on Uber.

Sometimes, customers want to treat themselves by forgoing a taxi in favor of something slicker and more expensive – at other times, they need a limousine to look good for a big meeting or a similar event where they want to dress to impress. As a limo company, these are the clients you need to be focusing on as Uber’s shadow threatens to consume you.

If you’re having trouble finding work as a limo driver in an Uber-ruled area, have you thought about getting a nicer ride? One of the biggest selling points of limo companies is that the Average Joe can ride in a prestigious vehicle that he might otherwise never get a chance to enter – if you’re scrapped for work, perhaps a newer limousine model with a more-attractive exterior could help a lot. Sure, it’s an investment, but you can’t afford to slack in the business world in this day and age.

Likewise, limo company owners should make sure that their drivers are better described with the word ‘chauffeur’ – properly dressed and treating each customer like royalty. These are the things that make a difference – things that Uber isn’t able to compete with so easily, and therefore things that can guarantee success for a limo company no matter how many Facebook likes Uber gets.